Indigo Pearl Brunch @ Indigo Pearl Resort in Nai Yang
Posted: 04/12/2015 04:21 PM
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Carl Dufvenmark

Indigo Pearl Brunch @ Indigo Pearl Resort in Nai Yang

The Indigo Pearl Sunday brunch is definitevely to be considered one of the island's 7 wonders.

Indigo Pearl Sunday Brunch

They have a whole room dedicated to cold cuts.

Another section for sushi and sea-food

Indigo Pearl Brunch Oysters

Sea-food Indigo pearl

Another room just for deserts, icea cream and italian style coffee.

Indigo Pearl Brunch Deserts

Just point at the tenderloin, sirloin, grilled pork, lamb fillet or lamb-rack you prefer and the chef will cut you a steak and grill it to your personal preference.

The brunch can get quiet wet, drinks by the pool.

Indigo Pearl Swimming Pool

Many visitors drink a fair share and then jump in the pool. But don't worry if you are planning to bring your kids. People are well-beahved and the pool-side dining tables are handy for families with kids. After the brunch you can go down for a swim at the beautiful NaiYang beach.

Indigo Pearl NaiYang Beach

The brunch is very popular and you need to book in advance. 

Indigo Pearl Sunday Brunch Prices and Packages

Indigo Pearl Brunch Prices and Conditions

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