Kite Surfing in Phuket - The Best Surfcentres on Phuket
Posted: 04/13/2015 09:04 PM
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Kite Surfing in Phuket - The Best Surfcentres on Phuket

Staying in Phuket for a longer period of time? Looking for something fun to do? Why not try Virgin Atlantic's Sir Richard Branson's favourite hobby - kite surfing?

Kite Surfing at Kite Zone in Chalong Phuket

There are several schools that can teach you to kitesurf unless you already know how to kitesurf. Kitesurfing in Phuket is fun and a great way to enjoy the sun, beach and nature. I personally prefer to Kitesurf in Rawai near Friendship beach.

You can take lessons or store your gear at Kite Zone in Rawai. The service at Kite Zone is great. Just call the centre and ask if there is any wind. If there is wind just ask them to prepare your gear and you can start surfing as soon as you get there. Just remember to tip.

For more information, call Dave at Kite Zone at  +66 83 395 2005.

Properties for Sale near Kite Zone ay Friendship Beach

Phuket Winds

High Season

Phuket has two pre-dominant monsoons. The High Season, also know as the North-Eastern monsoon brings North-Easterly winds and sunny weather. During this season you can surf between November and February. The best spots in Phuket during this season are located around Chalong and Rawai near Phuket's Southern tip. Winds between 10knts - 18 knts.

Low Season

The Rainy Season, brings winds from west and north west. You will have more days that are surfable during this time of the year. During this time of the year Bangtao and Nai Yang are popular spots for Kitesurfing. The best months are June-September.

Nai Yang on a day when you can't surf :)

Nai Yang Beach in Phuket

Video: Phuket Today News About Phuket Kitesurfing


List of Kite Schools & Centres in Phuket - Lessons, Shop & Gear Rental

Kite Zone (Dave)

KBA - Kiteboarding in Asia

Kite School Phuket (Bob)







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