Nikki Beach Club at Layan Beach Bangtao Thailand
Posted: 04/02/2015 06:05 PM
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Nikki Beach Club at Layan Beach Bangtao Thailand

The Phuket island Lifestyle... important to most of our property investors and home buyers. Many of our buyers buy to combine business and pleasure. Most of our clients are looking for a good investment generating positive cashflow through rental returns and value increase through the constant increase in Thai real estate prices and the thai baht currency. Investment concerns aside, most buyers plan to spend some quality time in their homes in Phuket. Therefore we at Phuket Properties, blog about things to do and the island lifestyle in general. Buying a home near a beach club may turn out to be good thing both for your investment and for the fun you may have on the island!

Nikki Beach in Layan Beach in Bangtao Bay

Nikki beach was launched on the 27 February 2014. The world-famous brand attracts many holiday makers and locals alike. Go for a drink, a party or perhaps a sunday brunch. UPDATE  - PLEASE NOTE THAT NIKKI BEACH PHUKET HAS CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

Nikki Beach Club in Phuket in Thailand




Beach Lounge Nikki Beachclub Phuket

Layan Beach may be one of Phuket's most beautiful beaches


Nikki Beach Phuket

Nikki Beach is famouse for its' lounges


Sunset at Nikki Beach

Sunset views at the Club

Sunday Brunch Parties

Sunday Brunch Party at Nikki Beach


Book your table at Nikki Beach at +66 83 395 2665


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