Thai Land Title Deeds - Property Law, Chanotes, N3K etc
Posted: 04/28/2015 01:42 AM
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Thai Land Title Deeds - Property Law, Chanotes, N3K etc

Land Titles of Thailand

Please note that only a Thai Individual or Thai Company may buy land(with a few exceptions).

There are several land title types in Thailand. If you are a looking to lease a piece of land for your own home in Thailand you should only consider two
types of land:

  1. Free hold Chanote Title aka (Nor Sor 4 Jor)
  2. “Utilization Certificate” classified as N3 and N3 type G (Nor Sor 3 and Nor Sor 3 Gor.) N3G is a newer title and preferable to N3 and is better measured and therefore quicker to transfer. If you go for a N3 without the Gor your lawyer must make sure you do not pay until the boundaries of the land have been confirmed by the neighbours.

The ownership of such above titles is protected by the Civil and Commercial Code of Thailand. They can be sold, transferred or used as collateral. They may all be leased. Since the titles can be used as collateral a lawyer should check on the reverse side of the titles if there are any loans on the property that need to be settled by the seller before transfer and final payment of the property.

Thai Land Title

If you find a house that does not reside on a Chanote or a N3(G) you should walk away from the deal and keep looking until you find the right
house. It will make you sleep better at night.
Before signing an S&P agreement you should have the title checked by a law firm. You need to do Due Diligence of the land title and building permit. The law firm you instruct will go to the different government offices to check that the title is legitimate and that it has been upgraded correctly. The history of the land title is checked. There has been an instance of forged Chanotes and scandals where corrupt officials have sold national park land to high-end businesses.

City Planning Land Zone Thailand

The lawyers should check that your land is in the correct planning zone for private residence.

The Chanote

Chanote is the highest title. It can be issued after a district has been surveyed by GPS and the land has been mapped by an official Land
Office survey. A Chanote can be immediately transferred, sold or used as collateral for a loan. Any claims on the Chanote must be noted on the
reverse side of the Chanote.
Condominium apartments will also receive Chanote titles after the condominium has been completely formed and approved. You can own
a freehold condo Chanote in your own name, with your own name on the reverse side if your unit is under “Foreign Freehold” quota. 

Chanote Tee Din. Chanote Land Title Example.

Chanote (Ngor Sor 4 Jor). A N3G will look the same but with a green bird in the header.

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